What not to eat after teeth whitening?

01 Feb

A good rule of thumb is to avoid food and drinks that can stain your white shirt. When you undergo a teeth whitening procedure, you want the results to last. The lasting effects of teeth whitening depend on the diet you take following your treatment. Dentists strongly recommend patients avoid certain foods after having their teeth whitened. Your teeth are most prone to stain after the teeth whitening procedure. This is why foods that are dark and colored should be avoided. So, what not to eat after teeth whitening? Let’s find out the dentists’ advice. Factors involved in darkening your teeth Three factors are involved in darkening your teeth: acids, chromogens, and tannins. Many common foods have these factors that stain the enamel – the outer layer of the tooth. It may not seem easy to go without some of the foods mentioned below. However, this brief sacrifice (for only 48 hours after your treatment) can ensure the prolonged lasting of your beautiful white teeth. What foods to avoid A good rule of thumb is to avoid food and drinks that can stain your white shirt. The list of foods that can stain your teeth after the treatment include: 

  • Red wine – you should avoid wine. Not only can it stain your teeth, but its acidity can weaken your enamel and make them more vulnerable to discoloration.
  • Coffee – okay, this one is tough. If you can’t avoid it, then add milk to reduce the staining effect. Also, we recommend you reduce your coffee intake throughout the diet plan.
  • Tea – dark tea is worse for your teeth’s whiteness than coffee. Again, if you can’t avoid it, follow the same advice as mentioned above.
  • Tobacco – avoid smoking after your treatment. Try using nicotine patches to fight the craving.
  • Chocolate – sweets and chocolates stain your teeth in the same way they stain your tongue after eating some sweets.
  • Fizzy and fruit drinks – these drinks are acidic. If they don’t stain your teeth, their acidic nature can make your teeth prone to staining by other foods.
  • Dark fruits – similarly, minimize eating darker fruits such as blueberries.
  • Curry – think of curry stains in your pots and pans. It will stain your teeth in the same way.

 The White Diet All the non-pigment foods that do not stain your teeth are included in the white diet. To take a good look at the food, you should eat after your teeth whitening treatment, visit our guide “What to eat after teeth whitening?” Keep your smile bright Teeth whitening is a delightful process that can boost your confidence in no time. All you have to do is follow the white diet and avoid tobacco, acidic and colored foods and drinks that we have listed. A brief sacrifice for the first 48 hours after your teeth whitening treatment can certainly help you keep your smile bright for long.

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